ALLSCREEN Gain 1.1 Tab Tension Screen

Weight: 25


Categories: Tab tensioned projection


Gain 1.1 PVC Tab Tension Screen Features:

1.Adopt sector aluminium alloy outer casing,elegant appearance and high end;

2.Adopt PVC fabric, soft fabric to ensure its flatness;

3.The gain can be 1.1,viewing size is about 160°(L&R);

4.Adopt unique tension struction,ensure the flat surface;

5.Adopt 30cm black drop sides;

6.Adopt unique installation struction,easy to install;

7.Adopt the silent tubular motors to ensure its power,high quality and silent.

Gain 1.1 PVC Tab Tension Screen Specification:

Note:The datas are only for reference,the actual data will be subject to measurement.

Gain 1.1 PVC Tab Tension Screen Details:

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